Friday, September 27, 2013

September has been so busy...

First off I would like to say YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I am going to be a grandma.  My baby boy is going to have a baby boy of his own.
I took some time to work on things for my soon to be born grandson.
I made a 12 x 12 scrapbook album full of pages for my Daughter-in-law to fill with photos of my grandson Luke. They already gave him his name Luke James.  I love it, my son's middle name is James.  The wooden cradle you see in the pic was made for my son when he was born.  I keep it and also used it for my daughter.  I left it in Indiana when I moved to Texas because my children were still in Indiana. When I arrived in Indiana my mom had it cleaned up and ready for me to delivery it  to my son for his new baby boy. 

(me in the middle)..

Brother, Mom and I.

Mom, Daughter and Son.

The trip was a long one but I made it. This is Chicago.
I had to walk 3 blocks to catch the south shore train to miller where my Son picked me up.
Planes, Trains, and

 I had to share this I had seen this before on my travels and I know not a lot of people get to travel like I do. This is a plastic covered seat you wave your hand over it and it goes around and has a clean seat for your

Inside my ride...

Chicago Airport. O(hare)

My adorable niece.
Thanks for visiting and Have a great Day.
p.s. crafty stuff coming right up...


  1. so glad you had a fabulous time.. and I to love them

  2. I had a Wonderful time too . Seeing everybody was a pleasure. Spending time with my baby girl PRICELESS .. Love you